Mark Oliver, Candidate for Florida House, District 70

Meet Mark

Mark Oliver is running for Florida House District 70, which includes Saint Petersburg, Manatee, and Sarasota. Mark serves as the founder and CEO of Specially Fit, a non-profit serving young persons with disabilities. Before pursuing his passion in helping persons with disabilities, Mark played football at the University of South Florida. He also opened his own gym the day after graduating college. As a fitness business owner, he continued to train as an athlete and was ranked amongst the top 1% fittest CrossFit athletes in the world five years in a row.


Every person in Florida deserves accessible, affordable healthcare as a human right.


Education is the key to economic mobility and success for individuals, their families, and their communities.


We must make a commitment to all Floridians with disabilities not to continue to leave them behind.


Infrastructure is decaying in some places and overburdened in others. Florida must invest in infrastructure to ensure the success of our state.


Sunshine, beaches, rivers, state parks, and Okeechobee -our environment is our way of life and the lifeline of our economy.