It’s a problem that hard working Floridians, especially those earning minimum wage, don’t have access to affordable healthcare. People work day after day to create better lives for themselves and their families yet they aren’t thriving. Our failure, as a state, to deliver access to affordable healthcare has led to Floridians making impossible decisions from determining how long they can postpone taking a loved one to the doctor's office to choosing between life-saving medications and paying their rent. We cannot continue down this path. Every person in Florida deserves accessible, affordable healthcare as a human right.


Education is the key to economic mobility and success for individuals, their families, and their communities. Florida is one of the worst ranked states in the nation for K-12 education. We can do better for our students. We must end school to prison pipelines, address funding disparities and achievement gaps, raise teacher pay, and invest in 21st century infrastructure for all our schools. Every student, regardless of their zip code, race, sexual orientation, ability or disability, must be given equal access and opportunity to high quality education.


Florida fell from 18th to 34th in the nation in helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We must make a commitment to all Floridians with disabilities not to continue to leave them behind. From fully funding programs, like iBudget and Home and Community Based Service Waivers, to expediting Med Waivers to working with communities and employers to increase job opportunities, we can put Florida on a path to lead the nation in disabilities funding and programs. Every Floridian should have the opportunity to fulfill their full potential.


Sunshine, beaches, rivers, state parks, and Okeechobee -our environment is our way of life and the lifeline of our economy. The environment takes care of us, we must take care of the environment. We have to reenact environmental protections and regulations, protect our beaches from soil erosion, maintain the health of aquifers, ban offshore drilling off Florida’s Gulf Coast, and pass climate policies that safeguard our environment and our communities. On behalf of future generations, it’s incumbent upon us all to restore, preserve, and protect the environment.


Florida must invest in infrastructure to ensure the success of our state. In the Tampa Bay region, our infrastructure is decaying in some places, overburdened in others, and fails to meet the needs of our growing population and businesses. We lose business every year as major companies overlook Tampa Bay in part due to transportation issues. We have an opportunity to develop regional infrastructure that expands transportation choices, incorporates smart technologies, prioritizes sustainability, and better connects our urban cores with suburban and rural communities.